The Digital Education Hub is an online resource that provides educators and families with Education, Networking, and Resources through tutorials, model lesson plans, and mini-courses to address the challenges of remote and hybrid learning due to COVID-19.

We recognize that the role of parents and families in the learning process are even more important than in “typical” times and that educational inequalities are greatly magnified during times of crisis. The critical issues that have arisen because of COVID-19 are not new, so the Digital Education Hub seeks long-term changes in dispositions, instructional decisions, curriculum and materials design, and policy.

Our Approach

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Start at the margins

Start with the students, families and communities who have been marginalized, ensuring learning is better for all.

Offer options

There are many ways to engage with students and families, and all of these need to be used in these times.
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Ensure that students and their communities are reflected in the learning environment

Educators need to know who their students are and where they come from, and this needs to be reflected in the learning environment to allow students to be able to build on assets.
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Address the barriers

Every child, when provided with an appropriate learning environment, can show what they know, understand, and can do.
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Collaborate to be agents of change

By working together, educators, students, and families can bring about the kinds of change that improve the learning environment and provide for better learning opportunities for all.

These big ideas are woven through everything we do.

Our approach is based on Universal Design for Learning (David Rose and Anne Meyer) and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (Gloria Ladson Billings).

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Areas We Address

The project arose through a series of listening sessions with schools, school corporations, and other education providers to fully understand the challenges brought by hybrid and remote learning due to COVID-19. Through this process, we identified five areas to address through the Digital Education Hub: