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We are committed to equitable and inclusive learning environments for all learners. We work with teachers, schools, after-school providers, communities, and other organizations to transform the learning environment into one where all learners are honored and challenged to be whole people actively involved in building a just present and future. We bend technology into a key component of this work, taking the challenges of COVID-19 and working to create opportunities for overcoming the barriers that hold learners back.

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Our resources and tutorials are created for educators by educators! Lesson plans for equitable and inclusive learning environments in all content areas grades k-12, focusing on intentional uses of technology. Educator tutorials on the hottest technology tools, and links to like-minded resource hubs.


Stories as Mirrors & Windows: Cultural Positionality

The lesson helps students understand not only what culture is and how beliefs, customs, traditions, rituals, and ways of knowing are different and similar to their own culture; additionally it will help students understand that these aspects of culture are sometimes used to unite and divide groups of people. This lesson increases students’ awareness of their own cultural positionality, which affects their perspectives of the world.

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Book Module for Abuela by Arthur Dorros

The Abuela Book Module is a bilingual guided and interactive read aloud activity paired with potential inquiries around human enhancement & limitations, immigration, human rights, multiculturalism and multilingualism.

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Kim Foglia's Building Macromolecules, Digital Edition

This lesson digitizes Kim Foglia’s beloved “Building Macromolecules” assignment using a self-paced Google slideshow with embedded prompts and instructions that provide important scaffolding to the inquiry. This lesson contextualizes the assignment for students to examine differential food accessibility through a critical lens.

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A Meal Remembered

This lesson helps students understand how people are different and similar through the meals they prepare, eat, and who they share meals with.

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Professional Development Courses for Educators

Enroll in online educator courses created by faculty members grounded in Culturally Relevant Pedagogies and Universal Design for Learning. Earn microcredentials and professional badges with completion of the courses through IU Expand.


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