teacher and student

Teacher Engagement

Teacher engagement is central to improving educational outcomes for all students especially those who have been historically marginalized. Using technology for equitable and inclusive purposes, the DEH engages teachers with multiple opportunities to:

  1. Complete online professional courses leading to microcredentials, badges, and professional growth plan points that can contribute to licensure renewals and endorsements;
  2. Create instructional content and resources for the DEH to support teachers with open educational resources;
  3. Participate in a teacher community of learners through multiple cohorts within the DEH Teacher Network.

Professional Development Courses

Teachers engage in taking online professional courses by signing up for modules through the IU Expand portal. These courses model effective online pedagogical techniques as they prepare teachers with real-world activities to build more equitable and inclusive learning environments for all students. Get started by completing the Educator Interest Form.

Teachers as Content Creators

Teachers engage in creating educational content for the DEH in the form of video snapshots of effective digital practices, lesson plans, tutorials, and learning modules.

Teachers earn professional credits after completing courses and monetary compensation for creating content for the DEH. Once you’ve completed the Onboarding Course, check out this tutorial video for how to submit a lesson plan for the hub!

Teacher Learning Community

The purpose of the DEH Teacher Network learning community is to create a sustainable network of k-12 Indiana teachers who participate in a community of practice and engage in effective professional learning grounded in social constructivist theory (see Vygotsky, 1978; Lave & Wenger, 1992; Palincsar, 1998; Au, 1998). The teacher network’s professional development content is focused on equitable (Ladson-Billings, 1995; 2009; 2014) and inclusive (Rose & Myers, 2001) digital pedagogies for remote, hybrid, and blended instruction.

Teachers earn professional development hours and monetary compensation for participating in the Teacher Network. Want to learn more about the DEH Teacher Opportunities or Join a Network Cohort? Complete the Educator Interest Form.