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Our Framework

Our six throughlines shape the framework for the Digital Education Hub. The throughlines connect all parts of the project: the Education, Resources, and Networking tools and opportunities. Each of  the throughlines are separate to distinguish major categories, but rely upon one another as a communal effort to work towards our goals at DEH.

The framework is the structure that provides direction for the activities and resources on the DEH. We use this framework to construct resources and materials for a more equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students especially during times of remote and hybrid learning. At the core, we draw upon Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, and Smart and Equitable Technology Use to inform everything we do.

the DEH Throughlines

Empowering Communities and Families

Families and community members are key stakeholders in determining the ways materials and resources are accessible, equitable, and inclusive for all students.

Coalition Building

The educational environment is co-constructed through a historical reciprocal process of interdependence to ensure all voices are included in building equitable and inclusive learning networks and partnerships.

Deep and Transformational Learning

The promotion of academic success through a rigorous and integrated process that honors learners and communities as cultural entities and works to change the world to be a more equitable and inclusive place.

Intentional Use of Technology

Technology is used in a purposeful manner that is informed by context and is oriented towards building equitable and inclusive learning environments.

Equitable Practices and Systems

Leading learning and knowledge sharing mediated through equitable and inclusive dispositions that promote the success of disenfranchised learners and communities.

Multiple Ways of Knowing and Doing

The knowledge and wisdom of the students, families, and communities are centered in content and pedagogical decisions to promote equitable and inclusive learning experiences.


There are three outcomes for educators, community partners, and caregivers in interacting with the resources and materials on the Digital Education Hub.

Educators, community partners, and caregivers will:

  • Effectively and intentionally integrate technology to promote equity and inclusion.
  • Be more aware of diverse technology tools to promote equity and inclusion.
  • Increase levels of confidence in implementing technology tools to promote equity and inclusion.