Andrea N. O. Jones

How do objects, artifacts, and artworks collected, preserved or presented, cultivate appreciation and understanding? (National Core Arts Standards/Anchor Standard #6)

Grade Level
Pre-K - 5th
Arts/Visual Arts/Material Arts Social Studies/History/Social Sciences
3 sessions - 45 minutes per session
Face-to-Face Hybrid Synchronous Online



Engages in discussions and activities around representative diversity and individual differences without grappling with structural oppressions. Culture is externalized and the focus is on the abstract. Minor discomfort may be felt and tensions are largely avoided.


Intentional Use of Technology

Technology is used in a purposeful manner that is informed by context and is oriented towards building equitable and inclusive learning environments.

Multiple Ways of Knowing and Doing

The knowledge and wisdom of the students, families, and communities are centered in content and materials to promote equitable and inclusive learning experiences.


Social Justice

Identity 3 - Students will recognize that people’s multiple identities interact and create unique and complex individuals.
Diversity 7 - Students will develop language and knowledge to accurately and respectfully describe how people (including themselves) are both similar to and different from each other and others in their identity groups.


Empowered Learner 1c - Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.
Global Collaborator 7a - Students use digital tools to connect with learners from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, engaging with them in ways that broaden mutual understanding and learning.


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