Craig Willey

PhD, Instructional Designer

Dr. Craig Willey was a bilingual middle school math teacher in Denver Public Schools and is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Teacher Education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, as well as the department chair of Urban Teacher Education. His research focuses on 1) teachers’ design and implementation of mathematics discourse communities with urban students, primarily Latinas/os; 2) the ways teachers mine and leverage children’s community and cultural knowledge to make sense of math; 3) the development and incorporation of curricular features that provide bilingual learners better access to mathematical ideas and opportunities to engage meaningfully; and 4) the limitations and affordances of a school-university partnership model of urban teacher development. Dr. Willey is PI on the NSF-funded project, Teacher Collaborative for Culturally Relevant Mathematics and Science Curriculum (CR-MASC) and Associate Editor of the Journal of Educational Supervision.