Jeremy F. Price

Jeremy F Price

PhD, Primary Investigator and Project Director

Dr. Jeremy Price (he/him/his) is Assistant Professor of Technology, Innovation, and Pedagogy in Urban Education and serves as the Primary Investigator and Project Director for the Digital Education Hub for Rigorous Remote Learning with Communities.

Dr. Price also serves at the Primary Investigator and Project Director for the nationwide Community Studies of Antisemitism In Schools (CSAIS) project. As a public scholar-advocate, Dr. Price is invested in using his experiences and expertise to engage and build capacity and capital in educational settings for marginalized and minoritized youth and communities to build, strengthen, and sustain an inclusive and just democratic project. He works to prepare preservice and inservice educators to use technology for just, equitable, and inclusive purposes that honors learners, their identities, and their communities. Dr. Price also works to provide educators in all fields with opportunities to interrogate, examine, and learn to teach through and discuss topics such as race, religion, hate, and extremism.

Dr. Price received his PhD in Curriculum & Instruction in STEM Education from the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, his EdM in Technology in Education from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, and his BA in Cultural Anthropology from Brandeis University. He has served as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California-Berkeley and worked for CAST, the organization that developed Universal Design for Learning.