Maxim Bulanov

Educational Program Specialist

Maxim is the Educational Program Specialist for the CEISL (Collaborative for Equitable and Inclusive STEM Learning) at the IUPUI School of Education. He is leading the pilot project, the STEM studio at Brookside elementary school (IPS school 54) and is contributing to other CEISL projects, led by Resource Development and Community Engagement teams.

Maxim received his B.S. in comparative linguistics in 2010 from Moscow State Pedagogical University. He earned his Master’s in Education with a focus in Academic Success Coaching in 2012 from Moscow State Pedagogical University.

Since 2013, he has been developing educational courses, projects, and events in Moscow and other cities in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. He taught in the Master’s programs of the Moscow City Pedagogical University and the Higher School of Economics, co-found two educational enterprises.

In 2019 Maxim received the Fulbright scholarship. During his internship in the USA, he mastered his teaching skills at IUPUI’s School of Education and practiced instructional design at the Herron School of Art and Design on the course “Introduction to Communication Design” at Indiana-Purdue University in Indianapolis.

Maxim is a creative and collaborative educator, media-author, and event-manager. He specializes in personalized learning, multimedia-communication, participatory design, and event-hosting. He is experienced in academic success coaching, entrepreneurship, community-management and educational urban studies.