How Does It Compare?

Is Lebron better than Steph Curry? Are Fords faster than Chevys? Will IU beat Purdue next year? Find out by engaging and creating your own statistical analysis, using measures of center and spread! After all, statistics do not lie.

Reebop Breeding: Modeling Inheritance and Phenotype Digitally

In this interactive lesson, students will learn about meiosis, fertilization, heredity rules, genotypes, phenotypes, etc. through building marshmallow dragons (or reebops). Through this lesson, they will be able to understand and explain genetic and physical diversity from generation to generation.

Finding Textual Evidence to Build Literary Essays

This lesson will help students learn to identify key pieces in a text, used to support arguments for various types of literary essay foci. The lesson focuses on the Notice and Notes structure to teach students note taking and citation strategies, in order to create a solid thesis/essay after close-reading a text.

FlipGrid Different Uses

Welcome to Hacking EdTech for Equity! In this video we talk about using FlipGrid in new and different ways!

FlipGrid Throughlines

Welcome to Hacking EdTech for Equity! In this video we talk about the different ways FlipGrid can benefit student’s learning experience!

FlipGrid Basics

Welcome to Hacking EdTech for Equity! In this video we talk about how to use FlipGrid and how to introduce it into your classroom!

Pear Deck Pro-Tips

Pear Deck Logo

We talk a bit more about the surveillance tool Pear Deck has which allows you to see what participants are doing in Pear Deck in real-time. It is important for you to know how to use this feature equitably!

Pear Deck for Lesson and Projects

Pear Deck Logo

Use Pear Deck to push students to think more about issues of equity in the US.

Pear Deck Basics

Pear Deck Logo

Peardeck allows all students to have a voice during any presentation.

Canva for Student Expression

Step-by-step video tutorial resource for educators using Canva